Walk around the sights and attractions of the Royal Miners Town of Krupka

Most places in the program of this day relate to the history and traditions of ore mining in the ancient city of Krupka and its surroundings. At first we look at the majestic baroque monastery in Bohosudov. After that we will go above the landscape on the longest chairlift in the Czech Rep. with stunning views into the surrounding countryside. We will stumble on the viewpoint called- Mosquito Tower– with the chapel of St.Wolwgang. A pleasant walk through the woods will show how the mining activity has altered the face of the landscape. Later on we will visit an authentic old mine shaft – Old Martin, where you can imagine how hard old miners lives were. Then back down the hill to the baroque Kalvaria. In the end we will get to the mighty Gothic castle – Krupka. Many interesting stories from history, mountain beauties and most importantly – it‘s still downhill!!!

(lightly demanding – aprox 5 km)