The Jewish People – our neighbors

their culture, their heratage and a permanent presence in our countryside

The Jewish people had been coming to the Kingdom of Bohemia since the end of the 13th century. And despite the frequent harshness of the local population and their prejudice, they gradually became an integral part of society in urban and village life. They had their shops, associations, and synagogues, but still they kept a little distance. Despite considerable influence on the European environment, the Jewish people for centuries, have not forgotten who they are – their language, their traditions and their religion. Unfortunately, this long-formed coexistence has disappeared in the madness of war that has been unleashed by fascism. Let’s go through the countryside and visit memorial sites with the memory of the amazing culture and traditions of our old neighbors. First we will see a uniquely preserved set of Jewish monuments in the city – Uštěk – a Synagogue,a rabby house, a cemetery, and a Jewish school. Later we will move to the memorial area of the National Memorial of the holocaust in Terezín. We will visit the Museum of the Ghetto and other important places of this city, notoriously famous for the period of the Second World War. At the end of the day we will see the beautifully restored Jewish cemetery in Hřivčice. This trip is unique and educational for its historical consequences. We must keep these memories for next generations. (easy walk aprox. 2km)