The best of the forgotten treasures of the Central Czech rep.

During this day trip you will visit some very interesting, less crowded places, untouched by the tourist industry. And that‘s better, isn´t it?

In the morning we will visit the ancient Slavic fortification – Budeč – where the oldest building in the territory of the Czech situated – the beautiful rotunda of St. Peter and Paul. The place where the patron of the country St. Venceslav lived and studied. Then we will briefly move to the national monument and museum in Lidice – village which was destroyed by Nazis during Word War II.A very powerful memorial and a reminder of the horrors of war. Follow a visit to the majestic castle complex – Okoř. After lunch we will move to explore the beauties of the underground-a large cave labyrinth – Koněpruské caves. In the afternoon and near the end of our trip and beautiful day,we‘ll visit a unique monastery with a cave of the hermitage of one of the neglected Czech saints and patrons – St Ivan, in a place called– St John in the Rock. Perfect and interesting day.

(lightly demanding – aprox 5 km)