Romantic ruins of Gothic castles in the Central Bohemian Highlands

This all-day thematic tour is dedicated to castles whose silhouettes are set on the top of the basalt mountains, not a far distance from each other, in the southern part of the Central Bohemian Mountains. Although they are not breathtaking, royal, adorable mansions, They are untouched by crowds of tourists.You will go through beautiful places with unique views of the surrounding countryside.

We will eventually drive at the castle – Oltářík-(the little altar) set on a high cliff. And also the mysterious castle tower – Skalka.We will also visit the museum of Czech Garnet – unique, red, semi-precious stones, which are found only in the fields of this area. Then we will have a small picnick at one of these castles.We will also visit the castle – Ostrý and the castle – Opárno. If we still have time, we will browse the dominant castle of the whole region – Hazenburk. The route of the trip is not difficult, but it is a few kilometers walk. But it is worth it !!!

(lightly demanding – aprox 5 km)