Mysterious and hidden places

On this round trip in the countryside, you will see many unique places which no other travel agency will ever show you. The places are often unknown even to the local people.

Together we will visit the un-finished temple of the monastery in Panenský Týnec. The open-air museum of folk architecture and old crafts in Třebíz. Stone witnesses of ancienit history – menhir – in Klobúky. Later on, we will visit one of the oldest oaks in the country – Peruc. In an ancient fort from the iron age with mighty fortified earthen mounds – Stradonice, we will also enjoy a small picnic. We will also visit the water castle – Budyně, or a beautiful renaissance chateau in Libochovice. Finally, we will go through an old Jewish cemetery in Hřivčice. It´s an easy and pleasant walk. Lots of interesting things to see for all of you. It doesn´t matter what age you are. You will love it ! ..

(lightly demanding – aprox 4 km)