Discover the melancholic beauty of the Northern Mountains – by foot or by bike

Let’s go together by bike or walk through the countryside of the wild border forests of north Bohemia. During the trip we‘ll head out from the mountain village – Dlouhá Louka towards the observation tower – Vlčí hora, then we go from the mild hill to the blue-green surface of the Ore mountain dam – Fláje where you can still see the foundations of the village buildings which the dam flooded. During our journey we are going to stop for a while to have a picnic in the woods. After lunch the journey continues to the magnificent forest fortress castle – Rýznburk. Next stop is the beautiful and picturesque rocks in the forest – Silésius Hights – where you can admire nice rocks and ancient oak trees. At the end of our journey we´re going to show you the majestic cistercian abbey – Osek. In Osek there is a local brewery where you can taste the monastery beer. Beautiful countryside, nature and fresh air-relax !!!
In case of the walking variation of the tour, we would continue from the lookout tower – Vlčí hora to the top of the hill – Stropník where there is an amazing view of the large part of northern Bohemia. The route connects again to the castle Rýznburk.

(a little more demanding – aprox 7 km walk or 20 km by bike)