Archaeological and prehistoric sites in the northern part of Czech rep.

People have lived and still live in the territory of today’s cities since the Palaeolithic Period. For countless millennia, many of our hidden and amazing places have remained here from our ancestors, and some of them will be seen on this exclusive trip.

In the morning we will see the worldly unique and probably the most eastern situated megalithic creation in Europe – Kounov stone rows. We will also visit an archeological museum in the countryside with replicas of prehistoric buildings and examples of life in ancient times – Březno. You will see two menhirs – stones which were witness to the oldest farmers – Slavětín and Klobúky. A walk through the forest will take us to the ancient, and likely at that time, very important, ritualistic fortification from the period of the first Celts – Stradonice. Then we will stand under one of the oldest oaks in the country, associated with the beautiful legend about Prince Oldřich and lady Božena – Peruc. And the best is saved for last, – Budeč – The Přemyslid fortification, where the Czech patron, St. Vaclav was educated, and the location of the oldest, still standing, preserved building in the country, the rotunda of St.Peter and St.Paul. A day full of experiences and beauty. Just try it…

(Slightly physically demanding – aprox 5 km)